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  1. An Initiation to the Secret Society of Assemblers — November 24, 2012
  2. Concatenating Strings in C — May 8, 2012
  3. Interesting Side Effect when Bit Shifting — February 17, 2012
  4. Indexing Media — February 16, 2012
  5. Resuming Operations — February 15, 2012

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An Initiation to the Secret Society of Assemblers

One of the best skillsets I have learned over the past decade has been assembler programming.  I have long been an avid fan of programming in C, however, like many people, I often struggled with pointers and managing memory.  It was only after I began programming in assembly that I really developed an appreciation for …

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Concatenating Strings in C

As I continue studying for finals, I came across the realization that this is something a lot of people are having trouble with.  While there is a standard string library function to concatenate strings, there are a lot of other means that provide for a great amount of flexibility in formatting. Here is a simple …

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Interesting Side Effect when Bit Shifting

Last week I received a question from a student in the course I TA that I had no immediate answer for.  This student was playing with basic bit shifting operations in C when they attempted to perform a left shift by 32 bits.  Each shift to the left by one performs a simple set of …

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Indexing Media

Last summer I had a task to play sounds from a large library in response to both user and system generated events.  The recording artist delivered the product in the format of a raw session, with a single delivered session that contained all of the relevant phrases , spoken at a slow cadence.  Not having …

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Resuming Operations

Four months and one sanity ago, I embarked upon a perilous journey through a semester fraught with impending doom.  My online and social presence was snuffed by courses in computer architecture design (reverse engineering CPU design through assembly instruction expected results), artificial intelligence, physics (I was sealed in a Gaussian bubble until I understood Maxwell’s …

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Hello blog.

So this is the internet.  I always imagined it with more pictures. Kevin’s Blog, post date 22 June, 2011.  These are the voyages of a madman working to improve the world one application at a time. Prepare for the awe and wonder of the code as I post notes and tidbits that I pick up …

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