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Name: Kevin Andrea
Date registered: June 22, 2011

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  1. Introduction to MIPS — November 25, 2012
  2. Extending C — February 24, 2012
  3. Home Office — July 9, 2011
  4. Forward Declaration — July 4, 2011
  5. A beginning — July 2, 2011

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Introduction to MIPS

My Mac has died.  I’m waiting for my backup to copy to my desktop before trying anything funky, which coincidentally gives me enough time to start right into MIPS. MIPS is the assembler language used on RISC architecture machines.  As with any assembly, the precise set of instructions and operations changes from processor to processor. …

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Extending C

I love C.  I enjoy being able to implement my ideas quickly in a manner that will compile, with optimization, and run relatively fast.  I also enjoy, academically, having to truly understand the structures I will be employing.  Without a solid understanding of a concept, I will not be able to implement it directly in …

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Home Office

I’ve been mostly down with a pretty nasty cold for the last bit of this week.  One of those lovely deals where it feels like acid is burning away the inside of your nose and throat.  One of the best parts of my current work schedule is being able to adjust by performing a >> …

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Forward Declaration

In the spirit of keeping this as a personal blog to record my own progress, I have decided to limit my posts to observations and overviews, instead of writing any form of tutorials or guides. For my first insight, the sorcerer in me tried to blast through creation of a series of interconnected controllers while …

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A beginning

Several weeks ago I began my first proper job in the field of my choosing.  I’ve been a productive member of society for a bit over a decade, mind you, but this is the job that I spent that decade telling my coworkers that I would do when I grew up.  I spent my free …

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