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Concatenating Strings in C

As I continue studying for finals, I came across the realization that this is something a lot of people are having trouble with.  While there is a standard string library function to concatenate strings, there are a lot of other means that provide for a great amount of flexibility in formatting. Here is a simple …

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Home Office

I’ve been mostly down with a pretty nasty cold for the last bit of this week.  One of those lovely deals where it feels like acid is burning away the inside of your nose and throat.  One of the best parts of my current work schedule is being able to adjust by performing a >> …

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A beginning

Several weeks ago I began my first proper job in the field of my choosing.  I’ve been a productive member of society for a bit over a decade, mind you, but this is the job that I spent that decade telling my coworkers that I would do when I grew up.  I spent my free …

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Hello blog.

So this is the internet.  I always imagined it with more pictures. Kevin’s Blog, post date 22 June, 2011.  These are the voyages of a madman working to improve the world one application at a time. Prepare for the awe and wonder of the code as I post notes and tidbits that I pick up …

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