Resuming Operations

Four months and one sanity ago, I embarked upon a perilous journey through a semester fraught with impending doom.  My online and social presence was snuffed by courses in computer architecture design (reverse engineering CPU design through assembly instruction expected results), artificial intelligence, physics (I was sealed in a Gaussian bubble until I understood Maxwell’s equations), and numerical analysis (the programmer’s math course), all while working 5 hours a week as a peer advisor (drop-in tutoring for engineering students), and 10 hours a week as a TA for a systems programming course (yay C and Assembly!).

I am now in a much happier place with a much lighter course load and a corner desk in a robotics lab.  As the first step in rebooting my life, I will be planning on resuming updates on coding insights, tips, tricks, and revelations that I have while working on coursework (compiler design — I’m presently writing a recursive descent parser to read in a grammar and output properly formatted C code for a recursive descent parser to recognize strings in that language) and while working on the side for the GMU RoboCup team (currently working on implementing a Hough Transform for circle detection for our robots), as well as resuming work on finishing up a planner that would ultimately greatly benefit me in trying to adopt a consistent schedule for my own physical health.

I’m going to vary topics quite a bit as I post, so I shall make ample use of tags.  I’m expecting quite a lot from the field of genetic programming, programming language design, and computer vision to dominate the next few posts.

isCoding = 1;

- Kevin

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